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It can be devastating to lose a loved one, at Lowveld Granite Wholesalers we help you to honour the people that meant so much to you.

In the tapestry of life, every individual leaves behind a unique mark, a legacy that should be commemorated in a manner as enduring and profound as the memories they gifted us. At Lowveld Granite Wholesalers, we understand the deep-rooted significance of funerals, recognizing them as more than just rituals – they are heartfelt celebrations of life, legacy, and ancestral connections.

Our collection of granite tombstones serves as a lasting tribute, capturing the essence of your loved ones in a dignified and timeless manner.

Download our tombstone catalogue by clicking on the botton below.

Advantages of Choosing Granite Tombstones:


Granite stands the test of time, resisting wear from natural elements, ensuring that your loved one’s memory remains etched for generations.


The natural luster and finish of granite tombstones exude an unparalleled sophistication, making them a worthy tribute.


Granite’s resilience means minimal maintenance is required, preserving the tombstone’s beauty for years.


Granite offers flexibility in design, ensuring that every tombstone is as unique as the individual it represents.

As you journey through our offerings, be inspired by the exquisite designs and impeccable craftsmanship that LGW prides itself on. Should you wish to delve deeper into our range or have queries, we encourage you to view our detailed catalogue or visit our ‘Contact Us’ page. We’re here to assist, ensuring that your choice honors your loved one in the most profound way.

At LGW, we believe that tombstones are more than just stone structures; they are sacred spaces where memories live on, where stories are told, and where legacies are celebrated. Let us assist you in crafting a tribute as monumental as the life lived.

Remember, it’s not just about marking an end; it’s about celebrating a journey. View our catalogue or reach out to us to begin this meaningful selection process.

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