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Lowveld Granite Wholesalers provides homeowners, contractors, developers, and architects, with a wide variety of Granite and Quartz colours in the Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Mozambique, and Swaziland areas. With our professional team with more than 20 years of experience in the Granite Industry, we can guarantee our clients of outstanding quality granite products and services.


Our handpicked granite brings unrivaled durability, sophistication, and convenience, making your kitchen the true heart of your home. With an array of meticulously designed kitchen countertops that define luxury, we, at Lowveld Granite Wholesalers, are driven by our commitment to elevate your kitchen space. Our masterfully crafted countertops not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also stand the test of time, giving your kitchen a distinctive character and timeless charm. Our granite countertops are not just surfaces; they are the conversation starters, the place where family meals are prepared with love, and memories are built. Choose Lowveld Granite Wholesalers and give your kitchen a touch of class that goes beyond the ordinary. Explore the magic of granite with us and watch your kitchen transform into a piece of art. Elevate your cooking experience, celebrate togetherness, and create unforgettable moments with Lowveld's kitchen countertops. As the leading granite wholesaler, we promise superior quality and a wide range of designs that cater to every style. Experience the blend of durability, beauty, and class with Lowveld Granite Wholesalers. Let us make your kitchen more than a room; let's make it the heart of your home. Give your kitchen the Lowveld touch today, and let the elegance of our countertops speak for themselves. Rediscover your kitchen with Lowveld Granite Wholesalers - where luxury meets functionality. Your journey towards a remarkable kitchen starts here. Remember, a kitchen is not just a room; it's where life happens. And with Lowveld Granite Wholesalers, it happens beautifully.


At Lowveld Granite Wholesalers, we understand that commemorating the life of a loved one can be an essential step in the healing process. We are here to help you create a lasting tribute with our meticulously crafted tombstones. Your loved ones were unique and special, and we believe their memorials should be too. Our comprehensive selection of granite tombstones serves as a testament to the life and legacy of those you held dear. Every piece is designed with care, thoughtfully capturing the essence of their individuality. Our diverse range of customizable tombstones allows you to create an enduring symbol of remembrance. Each tombstone crafted by Lowveld Granite Wholesalers is a unique blend of timeless elegance and unmatched durability, designed to stand the test of time. With our tombstones, you're not just commemorating a life lived, but you're preserving precious memories and shared moments in the form of a beautiful, tangible tribute. Crafted from the finest quality granite, our tombstones provide a dignified, permanent testament to your loved one's life and achievements. Choose Lowveld Granite Wholesalers for your tombstone needs, and we will stand by your side, ensuring that your loved one’s memorial is just as special as they were. Let us help you honor their memory in the most respectful and meaningful way. At Lowveld Granite Wholesalers, we make sure your loved ones are remembered with dignity and grace. Commemorate the life lived, celebrate the love shared, and preserve the memories created with our exquisite tombstones. Let the legacy live on, beautifully crafted in granite. Remember, it's not just a tombstone; it's a tribute to a life well-lived. With Lowveld Granite Wholesalers, it's crafted with care and respect. Your journey towards a fitting tribute starts here.

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